Emma assumed responsibility for overall leadership of the Group in July 2019, after leading the Group’s Finance and HR functions as Finance Director since it’s transition to employee ownership in 2015. Emma is a Chartered Accountant with a career in audit and senior finance and strategic roles in a range of well known organisations. With 15 years experience in the Leisure and Hospitality industry, Emma’s love of travel began at Pontin’s, prior to joining our Group in 2007. After graduating from Manchester University, Emma trained to be an accountant at PricewaterhouseCoopers in the Manchester audit team, before assuming roles in the Finance teams of the Co-operative Bank and Pontin’s.


Emma has a true passion for employee engagement and with an ongoing commitment to making our Group a great place to work, has led the implementation of numerous engagement activities since the Group became employee owned in 2015.


Emma is passionate about the British seaside and can be quite often found enjoying one of our many resorts with her family whilst not at work. Emma says, “There is nothing better than closing your eyes and hearing the sound of the sea on the shore and feeling the sun on your face, it really is good for your soul.”


In 2019, Emma was appointed to the Employee Ownership Association’s Board as a non Executive Director, working with the EOA and other employee owned businesses to develop the membership proposition to assist with the EOA’s aim of making Employee Ownership a mainstream ownership model in the UK. She is firm advocate of the Employee Ownership model and the benefits it brings to businesses. Emma is also an non Executive Director of the Coach Tourism Association, promoting Coach Tourism across the UK.


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