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Our mission is:

To exceed our customers’ expectations in providing a memorable, high quality holiday experience characterised by professional standards of service and a warm and friendly welcome

We believe we will achieve those objectives by adhering to a number of core values:

  • ensuring we stay focussed on the needs of our clients and continue to deliver a memorable holiday and hotel experience for our clients
    1. we try to always be polite, friendly and attentive and to spread a little happiness!
  • ensuring our staff gain personal fulfilment from the work they have chosen
    1. we work as a team, are supportive of one another, celebrate success and try to maintain a workplace where everyone feels a sense of personal effectiveness
  • ensuring we maintain an appropriate financial structure which permits sufficient scope to develop the business
    1. our employee owned structure and supportive lenders gives us a stable financial structure which is rare among our competitors
  • achieving an adequate rate of return on our assets to ensure the long term stability of the business
    1. we are commercially focussed but within an extended perspective which means we are prepared to take a long term attitude to investment
  • operating in a socially and environmentally responsible way
    1. we work hard to minimise our carbon footprint, production of waste and energy consumption and invest in the development of our staff
  • steadily growing our businesses without prejudicing the other objectives
    1. we constantly look for better ways to save costs, improve the way we use resources and are meticulous in maintaining our equipment and property
  • encouraging other businesses to explore the benefits of being an employee owned enterprise
    1. we are always ready to provide advice and encouragement to other enterprises considering a move to employee ownership
  • communicating in an open and honest manner with both our customers and our colleagues
    1. when we make mistakes we are ready to admit them and use them to improve. We are always ready to learn from others and to offer advice in a supportive way
  • continuously improving the quality of our services to the benefit of our customers
    1. we are constantly looking for ways to improve, encouraging suggestions and supporting and developing new ideas