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The purpose of the Alfa Leisureplex Employee Ownership Trust is:

  • To provide a stable base to make the group companies successful
  • To enable the employee owners to keep control of their own destiny
  • To have a participative work environment
  • To enable the employee owners to share in the profits they help create.

Because the Group is owned in trust for its members, they share the responsibilities of ownership as well as its rewards.


Power in the Group is shared between two governing authorities: the Board of Directors of Alfa Leisureplex Group Ltd (the ‘Main Board’) who are responsible for all matters concerning the operation of the group and the Board of Directors of Alfa Leisureplex Trustees Ltd (the ‘Trust Board’) who are responsible for ownership matters.


The Group aims to make sufficient profit from its trading operations to sustain itself in the long term, to enable it to grow and to distribute a share of those profits each year to its members.


Employees become qualified to vote for their Employee Trustees after six months of service and they enjoy a Partnership Bonus based on their earnings in the previous tax year. The Group aims to employ people of ability and integrity who are committed to working together and to supporting its Principles. Relationships are based on mutual respect and courtesy, with as much equality between its members as differences of responsibility permit. The Group aims to recognise individual contributions and reward them fairly.


We aim to deal honestly with our customers and secure their loyalty and trust by providing outstanding service and value.

Business Relationships

We conduct all our business relationships with integrity and courtesy and are scrupulous in honouring every business agreement.

The Community

We aim to be constructive partners in the communities in which we are based.