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Our Group consists of five companies:

Alfa Leisureplex Employee Trust Ltd is the vehicle which controls our 75% employee stake in the operating company.

  • Alfa Leisureplex Group Ltd is the top operating company. It owns shares in Alfa Travel and Leisureplex Hotels.
  • Leisureplex Hotels Ltd owns and operates our chain of 21 hotels and employs about 75% of our staff.
  • Alfa Travel Ltd designs and operates inclusive tours and drives our sales and marketing efforts across the Group.
  • Alfa Coaches Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Alfa Travel. It owns and operates our fleet of coaches and employs our coach drivers and interchange staff. It also employs many of our head office staff who provide services to more than one group company.
  • Our group is employee owned by means of 75% of the shares in Alfa Leisureplex Group Ltd being owned by our employee trust with the remaining 25% being owned by the Sawbridge family who established the businesses.
Employee Ownership Structure